Adequate cover of staff on duty

I have been in a care home for Intermediate care provision, I have been in hospital as a patient. At home I have a personal health budget to assist me with tasks that I am unable to do myself. When I have been a patient or a service user, my needs that I have a home do not happen as there appears to be insufficient staff. I am told that the correct numbers of staff are on duty. Please tell me who creates this magic number? Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells me it is decided locally. When I do inspection visits with CQC I ask about staffing numbers and am told there are adequate staff.

My experience in a care home says there are 2 Health Care Assistants (HCAs) on each floor, to assist the service users. However, one from my floor is removed to help on another floor as they need more help there. So on my floor there is 1 HCa to work with service users who should be supported by 2 HCAs. Then the Nurse in charge needs someone to check medication and that means the HCA is again down to 1. How can this be adequate staffing numbers?

As a patient in hospital, I am admitted with a condition and placed on a ward. My care by the Nursing Staff is for the condition. I am told there are adequate numbers for the patients. But my question is I have a personal health budget to assist me with Personal care tasks at home. on one ward I was refused a shower help due to lack of staff, on another ward I was given a bowl and told to ring for help when I needed it, which is mostly all the time. So for a period of 3 weeks I purchased care by asking my personal assistant to come in for 1 hour every morning to assist me to get washed and dressed.

So what is happening for others? Today in the Daily Mail the front page state that there are dangerous staffing levels for people with Dementia, but that is as similar to me as people with additional needs who may or may not have budgets when at home. They may be solely cared for by a family member, but this does not happen when in Hospital. May I ask who is going to look into this to ensure that the daily tasks carried out at home sometimes by family themselves for no pay, or purchased through personal health or personal budget is suddenly stopped on admission.

Please someone, somewhere start looking at the person's needs not the number of staff to ratio of patients/service users and let the budget follow the person wherever they need the care.

Who is going to research this to make continuity of care be the first thing that is considered to ensure that the patient/service user is not having to struggle in an alien environment which it becomes for people with dementia or learning difficulties, those with physical, mental or sensory impairment, when their support is suddenly stopped and they become reliant on "adequate staffing levels"

RESEARCH is needed urgently as no-one has thought this through properly



Staff cover

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The problem we have had with care staff is knowing exactly what they can be expected to do.  The person being cared for tends not to ask for help and would claim that everything is OK.

From time to time we have conversations with the care people and have managed to agree basic care principles, but because the patient does not challenge anything, the service is less than acceptable.  We would like to have a system where the care staff did not just ask if there is anything they can do, rather they should be proactive in managing the care package. 

Checking for out of date items in the fridge

Putting the Hoover round

Cleaning the kitchen

Cleaning the bathroom

Encourage the patient to join in social events

I.E being proactive in the care process with a patient with dementia